What time is Boris Johnson’s Covid press briefing today? And what will he say?

12 July 2021, 06:57 | Updated: July 12, 2021, 07:16 AM

The Prime Minister will speak from the Downing Street briefing room.

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Boris Johnson is expected to lead a Downing Street Covid later today when he announces whether July 19 ‘freedom day’ goes as planned.

The Prime Minister will lead the latest government briefing on Covid-19 on Monday July 12 from the Downing Street press room.

The next step in lifting the measures is seen as a further step towards normality and the end of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson hs has said “caution is absolutely vital” as he prepares to announce whether the remaining coronavirus restrictions in England will be relaxed.

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The Prime Minister said England was “extremely close” to lifting all remaining restrictions on coronaviruses, which will see the country move to Step 4 of the plan to lift the measures, including ending the legal obligation to wear masks.

What time is Boris Johnson’s Covid press conference?

Previously, the Prime Minister had held his Covid briefings at 5 p.m. from the Downing Street press conference room.

As Mr Johnson holds Monday afternoon’s press conference, his Health Secretary Sajid Javid will announce the plans to Parliament.

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What will Boris Johnson say during his press briefing today?

Downing Street said the unlock would be based on four tests – the successful deployment of the vaccine, proof that the vaccine causes reduced hospitalizations and deaths, that infection rates are not at risk of increased admissions, and that no new variant of worry derails progress.

But, it is likely that the English will still have to “wear masks in enclosed indoor spaces” even if the legal obligation to do so is lifted, Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi revealed on Sunday.

Comments indicate apparent shift in government, after Boris Johnson announcement Last Monday it would be a personal choice to wear a face cover.

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