Union Minister Kaushal Kishore calls for investigation into witness statement to Malegaon explosion in 2008

Union Minister Kaushal Kishore has called for an investigation into the statement made by the witness in the Malegaon explosion case in 2008, who alleged that he had been pressured to appoint the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and five RSS leaders in the case.

The minister also demanded strict measures against the culprits.

The witness in the case told the Special Court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Mumbai on Tuesday that the Maharashtra Counter Terrorism Squad (ATS) had been tortured by ATS, the investigative agency of Mumbai. the time on the case.

The witness told the court that he was held at the ATS office for seven days after the explosion and that the agency threatened to torture and frame his family members. He also told the court that the ATS had forced him to falsely name Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the names of five RSS members.

Speaking to ANI on Wednesday, Kishore said, “There must be an investigation into why the Mumbai ATS people pressured the witness to take the name of Yogi Adityanath and the RSS name in the Malegaon explosion case. There must be strict measures against the culprits. Speaking to the Samajwadi party about an alleged video of a deputy hitting the head of the police investigating officer, the minister said the party was bringing criminals into the party.

“There is a viral video of an MP from Sakaldiha holding a police OI by the head and beating it against his own head. This is a situation where they are not in power. If they come to power, what a The situation will be then. People like criminals are being inducted into the Samajwadi party.

Speaking of the GST Intelligence Directorate (DGGI) raids on Kanpur-based businessman Peeyush Jain, he said: “People did not die for freedom until 1947 to give people like them the possibility of accumulating money and engaging in money laundering. .

The minister also denounced Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, saying he was unable to find a single bad government decision.

“Rahul Gandhi was not able to point out a single bad government decision. He had said Chaukidar Chor Hai, but the people of the country said Hum Bhi Chaukidar. He was silenced by the people’s response,” Kishore said.

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Posted on: Thursday December 30th, 2021 3:25 PM IST

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