Punjab Chief Minister Channi hits BJP with quote from Sardar Patel

Charanjit Channi said that “the maximum number of people involved in the struggle for freedom were from the Punjab”.

New Delhi:

Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi – engaged in a huge political battle with the BJP over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s breach of security – responded today with a quote from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, an icon of the BJP.

“Someone who cares more about his life than his duty, shouldn’t take a big responsibility in a country like India,” Mr. Channi tweeted, with a photo of the freedom fighter.

Earlier today, in an interview with NDTV, Mr. Channi responded with fury to the BJP’s allegations that the state’s congressional government was endangering Prime Minister Modi’s life with “murderous intentions.”

“Where was the threat to his life? No one was within a mile of you. No stones were thrown, no bullets were fired, no slogan was thrown. great leader. The people elected you prime minister – you should be making responsible statements. You say that we want to kill our Prime Minister ”, he declared.

Congress has repeatedly claimed that the BJP was trying to capitalize on the political incident in which Prime Minister Modi’s convoy was seen stranded on a flyover as protesting farmers blocked the road to Ferozepur, where it was heading. towards an electoral rally.

The party also claimed that the prime minister was not in danger at any time during the road trip, which they said was undertaken without any warning to state police.

Prime Minister Modi was due to fly to Ferozepur by helicopter and the plan had to be changed due to weather conditions. The BJP claimed the issue was discussed earlier with state police.

The BJP also said that designing an emergency land road is also part of the VIP visit protocol and is the responsibility of the state police.

Highlighting the outrage of the BJP, Channi claimed that Prime Minister Modi had turned around just to cover up the low turnout at his rally and that the BJP was simply trying to use the incident to impose central power on the Punjab.

“It is a deep conspiracy to defame the Punjab and the Punjab. It is an attempt to vitiate the situation in the state. It is an attempt to impose the presidential regime on the Punjab,” Channi told NDTV.

“The maximum number of people involved in the struggle for freedom were from the Punjab. It is therefore wrong to allege the Punjab and the Punjabis of such acts,” he added.

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