Mike Hopkins Monday press conference notes

Here are some notes from the Husky basketball coach Mike Hopkins‘Monday afternoon press conference …

  • Asked about the lack of presence inside the scorers, Hopkins said the grown-ups have done a decent job. Against Arizona they did well on the offensive glass, but when it comes to scoring, the team has to find other ways to score and they have to set it all up.
  • At Cole bajemaHopkins says he’s feeling more and more comfortable with the minutes he’s played. He continued to work with the assistants and gained his minutes early on and how he earns more.
  • Going from male to male and if there’s a rhyme or reason they use it and when they use it, Hopkins said he feels comfortable with the way players play. . Sometimes they have that spark and they get it and other times they don’t.
  • They needed a spark and so they went man to man and said the team is an energetic team and they need that energy to play well, but they also use a lot of energy to pushing and using man-to-man and that consumes a lot of energy.
  • At Jackson grant seeing more minutes, Hopkins said he needs to be more consistent in his defensive presence, but with his athleticism his advantage is huge and he helps offensively and gives them a spark at times.
  • If there are any good stories from the long road trip, Hopkins said the first night in Utah the team arrived by plane and the players had an extra day so they had some free time and some players went to see a Benny Hanah and there were funny stories about trying to grab food and it spread over them. It was a good moment of complicity for the players.
  • At Riley sorn, still in the COVID protocol. Hopkins is still unsure of his availability and hopes to find out his remaining protocol.
  • On Cal, Hopkins said that Cal played at their pace and it was difficult to get them out of their beat. Much improved team. They have some good players in the paint and they’ve thrived as a team since last season.
  • On the road and the positives of being away for so long, Hopkins said, playing that Arizona game was a great environment for the players, and in a normal year where they don’t play so many games, they would have been happy with a split between Utah and Colorado. Three games in six days have been tough, but it’s good to be at home and they have a quick turnaround for Wednesday’s game.
  • At Samuel Ariyibi, he’s still recovering from an injury and still doesn’t know if they can shirk him or not.
  • Regarding USC and UCLA game updates, Hopkins said he hopes he can get them played, but isn’t sure if they can fit them all into the remaining schedule.
  • When asked if he thinks they’ll be able to play 20 games during the conference, Hopkins said it’s still trendy, he just wasn’t sure. He hopes they can, but everything is on hold at the moment.
  • Regarding small crowds on the road, Hopkins said Arizona is definitely a great vibe and a good sized crowd, but even small crowds can be really good and provide a great environment.
  • Hitting more outside shots, Hopkins said they hit 10 of 22 against Colorado and felt like they were shooting a good percentage of the arc, but said it’s the two-pointers that hurt them. .
  • Giving Bajama more of a look, Hopkins said the team are best when they don’t force the ball on someone and just hand the ball to an open man. He noted that if Bajama has trouble getting started, they will help him with some calls, but they can’t just force him to.

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