Local minister channels faith through photos of beautiful subjects in rugged landscapes

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A local minister who also owns a photographer business is fusing his two passions in hopes of using his photographs to inspire others to find beauty in chaos, especially in uncertain times in which we are living now.

George Sticklin of Marlin is known as Minister Slugger. He started a photography business called Creative Chaos Photography with the aim of taking pictures of beautiful subjects in rugged landscapes.

Sticklin said he found many of his background in and around Marlin, where he lives, and in the Waco area.

“I found this name because I walked past these places that looked chaotic and in disarray and creativity jumped out at me,” Sticklin said. “So I made the decision to start taking my photos in these rugged looking places to create unique works of art. “

Photos of George Sticklin(George Sticklin)

The backgrounds include everything from dilapidated buildings to old structures and abandoned buildings.

What is obvious is only a fragment of what the minister and photographer hopes to accomplish.

Sticklin said that with all the stress and heartache associated with COVID-19 in recent years, he felt there was no better time to kick off the project.

“Creative chaos runs deeper than photography,” Sticklin said.

George Sticklin, of Marlin, known as Minister Slugger, starts a photography business ...
George Sticklin of Marlin, known as Minister Slugger, starts a photography business called Creative Chaos Photography, in which Stickland takes photos of beautiful subjects in rugged landscapes.(George Sticklin)

“A lot of people live in chaos. Their lives are in chaos or turmoil and they feel their life is so messy that nothing good can come of it and I believe God wants to remind people that beautiful things can still be developed from there. ugly places. “

Sticklin said he was not currently a minister in any particular church, but considered himself an evangelist. He said his ministry is Word On The Street Outreach and allows him to minister through social media.

“We are heading into a chaotic time right now with the pandemic and many other things happening, but for those of us who have faith in God, we will begin to see God doing something great and miraculous. “

Sticklin said he believes “God is creative in chaos and we have to trust him all the way.”

You can find more information about Creative Chaos Photography on its website, Facebook page Where Instagram Account.

Photographs by George Sticklin
Photographs by George Sticklin(George Sticklin)

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