On Saturday, the Wildcats took a 13-point lead that had dissolved to a 13-10 halftime lead. Chris Klieman was not happy with this and let it be known in his halftime interviews with television and radio, it was not going to fly. His players also heard about it, they all enjoyed the wake-up call and said the speech motivated them.

Deuce Vaughn decided to give the speech a grade: “Ten out of ten, 100%. It woke us all up and something we needed from our head coach.

Kade Warner was also on the side of accepting that Chris Klieman’s halftime fire was necessary.

“We needed it, and that’s it too, we answered it well. We all agree with exactly what he said and his temper with the way he said it and certainly gave us motivation and fire for the second half.

Klieman said he saw him in his team at the end of the first half, that they were “shocked” to be in a 13-10 game after their hot start, that’s what that’s when he decided to bring the fire to the locker room. .

“We talked about ‘how are you going to react?’ and I probably said it a little more directly than that, but how are you going to react to the adversity you just had because they have all the momentum and even though we haven’t started well at third quarter, and it took us a bit, nobody panicked and then once we started hitting those explosive plays – it’s a momentum play and you saw life coming back to the sideline during the Deuce run and from there we kind of started to take it to a standstill.”