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AMARAVATI: Stating that the weavers of Andhra Pradesh were the pride of the nation, Home Secretary Mekathoti Sucharitha was jubilant when she discovered eye-catching clothes at the Apco loom store during the exhibition held by the Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Council (CCAP).
The minister said she had to change her perception of the varieties of fabrics available with apco after visiting the stand. The Minister of the Interior opened the state-level exhibition on Saturday. Apco Managing Director Chadalavada Nagarani greeted the Interior Minister and explained the new insiders of the company.
Speaking to the media, Minister Sucharitha said that apco will soon become a major brand of looms and fashionable clothing across the world. She said apco’s growth in the market would help several thousand hand weavers in the state. “Thousands of people are addicted to the weaving tradition for a living. It was encouraging that Apco’s management put the company on the right track to conquer the market, ”she patted.
Apco chief executive Nagarani said they had enlightened weavers on the need to produce innovative varieties to survive in the market. She said the weavers in AP produced incredible styles. She said they are taking their hard work to the next level to make their mark in the market.
She said CCAP has provided the world with a showcase to showcase Andhra Pradesh’s rich looms and weaves in a contemporary and traditional way. “Vasantham, formerly known as Aakrithi Vastra, is a platform for today’s generation to witness and showcase the weavings and crafts not only from AP but from across India. Vasantham brought to the exhibition amazing traditional arts and crafts with modern ideas, ”Nagarani said. While sustainability and tradition were the main important characteristics, Vasantham has covered everything from a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to food.
From modern Assam weavings to traditional Gadwal saris, from Manipur weaving to Palnadu stone crafts in Guntur district, the 2 day exhibition was a delight for all. The product line was vast and unique. Chikankari tunics, chanderi stoles, ahimsa silk are just a few names in this magnificent exhibition. National Laureate Vanjare Ramesha from Karnataka attended the exhibition while CCAP six times congratulated National Laureate Ramaniah and his wife Nellore for their extraordinary work in the field of weaving.

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